January 2010 - Sahi Pro

Sahi in “Nagios – The Practice Book: Open Source Monitoring in the Enterprise”

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There is a fairly detailed section on monitoring web applications using Nagios and Sahi in Gerhard Lausser’s new book (in German): “Nagios – The Practice Book: Open Source Monitoring in the Enterprise”, ISBN: 978-3-8273-2800-7 http://www.amazon.de/Nagios-Praxisbuch-Open-Source-Monitoring-Unternehmen/dp/3827328004

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Web automation does not need XPaths

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Really. Learn this web automation nursery rhyme today! XPaths are evil,XPaths are fickle,Developers touch code,And the testers are in a pickle! Have you ever used XPaths and found that it needs non-trivial amount of effort in maintenance? Especially testers, who do not have the time or energy to get XPaths…

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