October 2014 - Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro v6.0.0 Issues and Workarounds

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This post shall list known issues and possible fixes. All changes mentioned here will be incorporated in the next version. Issue #1: Scripts run slower because Sahi waits for uninitiated AJAX requests also Workaround: Open sahi/userdata/config/user_extensions.js and add // XHR wait fix start Sahi.prototype.areXHRsDone = eval(“(0 || “+(“”+Sahi.prototype.areXHRsDone).replace(“null==h||0==h||1==h”, “1==h”)+”)”); //…

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Sahi Pro V6.0.0 Released!

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Download Sahi Pro v6.0.0 Sahi Pro v6.0.0 is a major release and contains many new features and bugfixes. The focus of this release is tester productivity enhancement. Some of the key features added are: new Script Editor, better jenkins integration, browser and element level screenshots, APIs for comparing images, better…

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