Our Journey

Sahi was born as an open source product in 2005 with specific focus on automation of emerging web 2.0 technologies but as a tool geared towards testers. With consistent work over the past 8 years, Sahi has grown to be a powerful but easy-to-use tool for testers, handling with ease most complexities presented by modern web applications and desktop applications.Tyto, the parent company, was initially formed as an entity which provided commercial support to the open source product. On popular demand from hundreds of users, a commercial version was launched in 2010 to provide enterprise support and a financial motivation to take the product to the next level. In its current version, Sahi Pro is truly a world class web test automation product that supports technologies such as Flex, applets, load testing etc.

Tyto is a small but growing organization with a team of talented, focused and hard working individuals coming together as a coherent power packed team.

Our Customers

Hundreds of customers across various domains have chosen Sahi for rapid and reliable web and desktop automation testing. Our portfolio has an eclectic mix of a wide variety of industries.

Banking and Services: Yodlee, S1 corporation…
IT Services: HCL, EMC, ADP, Compuware, Causeway, Symphony Services, Viewpoint CS, Wave group…
Retail: Tesco, Channel SAS, Gate Gourmet…
Media and Entertainment: Mediamath, Technicolor, a2media…
Government Organizations: The Aerospace Organization, CSI Piemonte…

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Core Team

V. Narayan Raman

V. Narayan Raman


Narayan Raman is the founder, CEO of Tyto Software Pvt. Ltd. He is the original author of Sahi and is the driving force behind product and innovations at Tyto. Narayan has over 13 years of experience in the software industry with stints in various product and consulting companies over a wide range of verticals. He holds a B. Tech degree in Chemical Engineering from IIT Mumbai. Tyto is his second successful venture. Linkedin

V. Srinivasan

V. Srinivasan


Srinivasan has over 16 years of experience in the software industry and has worked extensively in roles involving product development, delivery, and services. He has worked at companies like eGain Communications and Raja Software Labs in various engineering and management roles. He juggles various leadership roles at Tyto, currently focusing on customer relations. He holds a B. Tech degree in Metallurgical Engg and Materials Science from IIT Mumbai. Linkedin


Automation is going to be in demand, with lots of evolving technologies around it. Our focus has been to bring this automation to normal testing teams. We will continue to support newer browsers, newer technologies, handle HTML5, go on mobile, and do what ever it takes to enable your organization to smoothly and easily attain a high level of efficiency in your automation processes – in the simplest possible way.