Record & Playback on Any Browser

Record and playback any Desktop application on any browser, any operating system. Recording saves time and helps non-technical users contribute to automation. The Sahi Controller helps easily identify and experiment with elements on any browser. The same script works on all browsers.

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Smart Accessor Identification

Sahi identifies elements in simple stable ways. Sahi works even on applications with dynamic ids, using _near, _in etc. APIs to easily locate one element with respect to another. Sahi can automate applications built using ExtJS, ZK, Dojo, YUI or any other framework.

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AJAX? No Timeout Issues

Sahi’s technology eliminates need for wait statements even for inconsistent page loads and AJAX. Sahi tests are stable and do not fail because of timing issues. Sahi scripts need less code and are easier to maintain.

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Rich Inbuilt Reports and Logs

See complete information of script execution. From concise summaries and graphs across runs, to exact line of script failure in code, get full end to end reporting. All logs are stored in database. Reports can be easily customized.

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Fast Parallel Batch Playback

Club together thousands of Sahi scripts in a suite file and let Sahi execute them in parallel on one machine or distribute it across machines. Cut play back time by upto 90%. Run from command line, ant or build and continuous integration systems.

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Simple Powerful Scripting

Sahi Script is based on Javascript. Interact with your File-System, Databases, Excel sheets, CSV files with ease. Call any Java code or library from Sahi Script to get added power.

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Inbuilt Excel Framework

Use the inbuilt Excel Framework to let your business analysts and non technical testers contribute to testing. Easily test from the Controller. Get detailed inbuilt reports.

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