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Test Talks: Automation Awesomeness: Test Automation Using Sahi with Narayan Raman

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Our CEO Mr. Narayan Raman was featured on Joe Colantonio’s Test Talks. Listen to the Test Talk to discover why Sahi Pro might be the right choice and the parameters to consider while choosing a test automation tool, apart from other insights on Sahi Pro and Sahi Open Source.

135: Test Automation Using Sahi with Narayan Raman

Quotes & Insights from this Test Talk

  • Created Sahi After Attempt at Agile Needed something more lightweight and easier to use. Developers and browsers were moving too fast
  • Very tester-focused, an effort to make it easier for a nyone to automate applications. Many testers are not programmers, and Sahi helps them understand the basics. Most testing code is procedural; you take steps and you verify results. Sahi helps to keep it simple! Organize functions into the right files Make sure you’re calling the right parameters
  • This tool is good for both testers and developers. Developers write the application as it should function; the automation team and the tester team should be able to work with a working application, and be able to automate it; they should no thave anything extra done for that automation. If the tool requires more, there’s going to be pushback from developers. The end tester should know about only the actions he performs on the
  • Example: “Recording a sequence for playback is considered a tricky task on most web applications,” but this was fairly successful. Helped testers to quickly automate the app and script it took tester through 30% or 40% of initial automation phase. After that, you should be refactoring the code into functions and have reusable libraries
  • Sahi’s Recorder, and being able to work more closely with the browser, helped make the testing process faster. Record and Playback records image in Javascript. There’s also a Java Recorder
    Sahi vs Selenium (both came out around the same time)
    * Premises
    – “ Selenium was built on the premise that the developer himself would also write every test for everything that he builds; he has full control over the application that he’s testing.”
    – In Sahi, the end tester does not need to know too much about the app. If there is something he needs to automate, he does not need to go back to the developer all the time.
    – Operations
    – Selenium uses XPath, CSS Selectors, Waits, etc
    – Sahi handles a lot of complexity internally
    – enters Javascript into web page
    – Hooks into XMLHTTPRequestObject, and wait until AJAX activity
    has subsided on the page before proceeding to execute a step
    – Eliminates need for implicit or explicit waits
    – “Any element of interest to automation will always have something by
    which it can be identified, even if it doesn’t have an ID…Depending on the
    kind of element, we have a sequence of attributes by which we try to
    identify that element… the code automatically iterates to the frame and
    finds the element.”
    – “XPath is a strict no-no in Sahi.”
    – Does not rely on structure of HTML page to ID elements
    – Makes elements more stable
    – Sahi is similar to Selenium IDE, but it will work on any browser
    – Recorder will carry over between browsers, as well
    – Finds most useful attribute value during recording phase, and stores that one only
    – Eventually, triggers will come from a continuous integration system
  • Sahi Pro ( )
    – Adds enterprise features to Sahi
    – Better for bigger organizations with larger suites
    – Helps test automation team focus on the automation itself
    – Distribution across multiple machines
    – Test suite executed across all machines
    – Pull reports and generate one consolidated report
    – Can be stored in a database
    – Puts system reports in database
    – Reports are more varied and configurable
    – Historic overview available for test suite
    – Can analyze trends and patterns
    – Log reports
    – Screenshots
  • When choosing tools or trying to automate, think what is important for the business, and not what is important for a resume review. What adds the most business value is what is going to take you higher in your organization, and also is going to help the business that you’re actually employed with.

Feel free to request a demo and check out if your automation challenges can be solved using Sahi Pro.

Sahi Pro powers Test Automation of eBaoTech’s Digital Insurance Platform

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                                                                                                         Case study on eBaoTech

eBaoTech’s mission is to “make insurance easy”. With more than 150 installations in more than 30 countries, eBaoTech is one of the global leaders in insurance technology. From its inception in 2000, eBaoTech has been an innovation leader at the intersection of insurance and internet. eBaoTech offers world leading insurance software solutions for both life and general insurances.

Sahi Pro creates win-win situation for employee as well as employer where manual testers skill enhancement provides better job satisfaction to employee and employer gets the benefits of employee retention, automation and load testing.
– Rahul Agarwal, Manager Testing, Automation & QA

Click here to download the complete case study.

MetricStream achieves quick ROI using Sahi Pro Web Test Automation Tool

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MetricStream, a Leader in 2016 Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Operational Risk Management Solutions and Forrester Wave on Governance, Risk, And Compliance (GRC) Platforms, is achieving quick ROI using Sahi Pro Web Test Automation Tool.

MetricStream’s GRC products are web-based applications built on technologies like Java, Ext JS, Ajax. They are using Sahi Pro to test their products in agile methodology and continuous integration. Sahi Pro Web Test Automation tool is being used for Frontend UI and Functional Validation.

MetricStream achieved several benefits by using Sahi Pro, and the most significant one was a reduction in overall regression test time and achieving an average savings of 70% to 80% on man hours of manual testing. Amongst other benefits, an important one was the ability of Sahi Pro to integrate with Jenkins and SVN to test builds in Continuous Integration.

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Increasing interaction with Sahi users

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Sahi has been around for about 4 years now. It started in 2005 and was released before or just around the time Selenium RC’s first cut was released. But there has been a huge gap in the visibility of Sahi and Selenium. While Selenium seems to be everywhere, Sahi is hardly heard of. After a lot of conversations with different people, this is what we learnt.

1) Sahi is aimed at testers and not developers. Its focus on strong record and playback and on simple scripting, is primarily meant for testers in the Indian industry. These are people who are good at manual testing and automation with tools like QTP, but are not from a programming background. Selenium and Watir on the other hand are aimed at testers and developers who are fine with programming. Unfortunately for Sahi, testers in India who use Sahi, do not blog or voice their opinions on the internet, or contribute back in forums. (Most of those who do, are good technical testers.)  That meant that there was no viral aspect to the spread of Sahi.
2) Very little emphasis was made on Sahi’s website or in the program to collect user data. No testimonials, no newsletters, which meant that people were not informed of developments and good user stories to boost their confidence. While the program continued to evolve with releases every two months, few people really saw the progress. 
3) Being aimed at testers and using javascript for scripting, and because of our own lack of savvy in marketing to the internet, Sahi could never become sexy to the blogging bunch. Who would notice when there was Selenium and Ruby to talk about, which could get you more hits and popularity?
While the first and third problem cannot be solved easily, the second is quite addressable. A new section for testimonials and user stories has been added to Sahi Forums. This blog you are reading is being updated with new developments. Updates and news of Sahi can be followed via twitter at _sahi. Presentations on Sahi will be available here
If you are a Sahi user, tweet with #sahi so others may know. If you have a user story do post on the forums.
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