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Capability Sahi OS Sahi Pro (Selenium) Webdriver QTP
Works on all browsers
Works on desktop applications
* with desktop add-on
Excellent recorder which works across browsers
Playback reliability
Smart resilient accessors
Automatic waiting for AJAX and Pageloads
Same script works on all browsers
Playback speed
Script breaks if browser not in focus
Good recorder and Object Spy for easy identification of elements
Brittle accessors: Too dependent on HTML implementation (use of Xpaths, Css selectors etc.)
Needs separate libraries for each browser (High Maintenance)
Needs updates on each new browser version (High Maintenance)
Inbuilt detailed logging and reporting
Needs conditional scripting for different browsers (High Maintenance)
Programming knowledge required (High Maintenance)
Inbuilt frameworks
Testing team revamp required (High Cost)
Support available