Cross Browser Testing Tool – Sahi Pro


Different browsers render HTML, Javascript and CSS in different ways. While there is convergence towards W3C standards, there is still a significant difference in HTML layout rendering, Javascript event handling, CSS rendering etc. Apart from this, newer HTML5 additions to W3C like websockets or cross origin header handling or newer input types (like date control) are not necessarily implemented by all browsers. Browsers are still evolving and that too at a rapid pace.

Why to check Cross Browser Compatibility?

Applications and websites tested for one browser need not necessarily work on others. One very common scenario is of developers building sites and testing them on Chrome or Firefox and then trying to run them on an older version of Internet Explorer like IE8 or IE10. Given that enterprises still use various versions of Internet Explorer internally, it may be necessary to run automation scripts not only on Chrome/Firefox but also on IE.

Sahi scripts are browser agnostic. The same script will work on all supported browsers if the underlying website code is the same. Sahi’s APIs are normalized to work across different browsers , so that you do not have to maintain separate scripts or separate conditional blocks for different browsers. Sahi also has page/element level screenshot APIs and image comparison APIs to take and compare screenshots across different runs/browsers. Sahi makes cross browser testing easy!

Sahi is available as a free open source version, and as Sahi Pro, the commercial version with enhanced features and support.



Sahi Pro is Not Just a Library. It Works Out of the Box!

You can bank on Sahi Pro to drastically reduce the time you were spending in setting up other tools. With Sahi Pro in your hand, you don’t need a developer’s help either. The interface and features are so intuitive, you’ll get more time to focus on what matters most – creating test cases.

It’s exactly the tool QA folks dream about.


Unbelievable! I want to try it NOW

"We looked at a number of alternatives: in-house tools, Google Robot, Sauce Labs, SOASTA, Selenium Grid, and Sahi. Sahi stood out from the rest because it was very easy to use and the tests executed reliably."

− Michael Foley, QE Lead at Red Hat

"When we first started using sahi, we found that it was easy to use and the interface was straightforward. The sahi team is great to work with and the application is easy to use. We highly recommend sahi over other automated test tools."

− Shannon, Advance Internet

"I highly recommend Sahi for both out of the box quick automation and building an automation framework. Sahi just works!"

− Jim Schilling, Manager/Architect, LFIN Automation, S1 Corporation

"Sahi could easily recognize objects which were not recognized by Selenium. So, we actually migrated our code from Selenium to Sahi."

− Muthu, Oracle

"Able to automate nearly 1000 testcase with minimum effort and less time. Sahi requires very minimal learning curve which helped the team members to get on with it."

− Chandra Budha, Thomson Reuters

"I am very happy to have found Sahi. Of the tools I have looked at (including WebDriver), Sahi is clearly superior. Thanks for all the hard work!"

− Paul Semeraro, Semeraro Technology Services, LLC

"Sahi makes testing productive - so productive it's almost fun."

− Joseph Neuhaus, Zkoss Wiki

"As a user of SAHI I am really a fan of the tool. I am +15 years in test automation and you meet my needs very good. If you would expand marketing like such a session hopefully you will get the critical value you need to go on with your work."

− Jörg Sievers , Test Manager, PONTON GmbH

"Sahi Pro has been ideal solution for our web test automation needs with one tool addressing various web technologies. Its adoption is an exciting journey in which the test coverage is increasing constantly within Mahindra Comviva."

− Mahesh VG, Technical Manager, Mahindra Comviva