Sahi Pro Runner

Sahi Pro Runner is a playback only version of Sahi Pro.
It is a leaner version of Sahi Pro, to be used for pure playback purposes especially from automated build systems.
It does not have the Controller or Editor, and its Dashboard functionality is limited. It is available since Sahi Pro v6.2.0.

Sahi Pro Runner is recommended for Continuous Integration and build systems as both master and slave, and as a central database for reports.

Sahi Pro Runner uses the same license as Sahi Pro. If you own a Sahi Pro license, you can download and use Sahi Pro Runner with the same license on multiple machines.
warning Browsers cannot be launched from the Sahi Pro Runner Dashboard. Sahi Pro Runner shows all available browsers as disabled buttons on the Dashboard.

Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on Runner

Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on can be installed over Sahi Pro Runner for playback only mode. There is no separate Runner version of Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on.