Playback on Mobile Devices

Since Sahi uses a proxy and injects Javascript, Sahi scripts can run on most mobile browsers.

To run a script, do the following

  1. Start Sahi on a laptop that is on the same network as the mobile device
  2. Find the IP of the laptop (using ipconfig on Windows). We will call it the laptopIP
  3. Configure the proxy settings of the browser on the device with proxy host: laptopIP from previous step proxy port: 9999


    proxy host: proxy port: 9999
  4. On the mobile browser, navigate to http://laptopIP:9999/. eg.
  5. This will open a screen which looks like this:
  6. Set the File, Start URL and click "Run" to run the script
  7. For SSL websites, click on the crt or der links to download and install the Sahi root certificate.