Five Questions Series: Sahi Pro Licensing: User License vs Concurrent License

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In the fifth post on the Five Questions Series, we have Sahi Pro Pricing and Licensing today.
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What is the pricing model of Sahi Pro?
There are two types of licenses for Sahi Pro – User License and Concurrent License.
Global usage license:
User License costs 695 USD and Concurrent License costs 995 USD.
India only usage license:
User License costs INR 31275 plus taxes and Concurrent License costs INR 44775 plus taxes
To purchase Global usage license in INR, please email sales [AT] sahipro [DOT] com

What is the difference between a user license and a concurrent license?
Sahi Pro USER License (recommended for smaller testing teams)

Sahi Pro USER licenses are based on number of users creating and maintaining Sahi scripts.
With the purchase of a single USER license, a single tester can

  • Install Sahi Pro on multiple machines for developing scripts with the same license (for example, develop scripts on a Mac, Windows with IE8 and Windows with IE11).
  • Install Sahi Pro Runner on multiple machines for playback of scripts with the same license (for example, with build farms or Continuous Integration systems).
    Sahi Pro licenses are based on number of users creating and maintaining Sahi scripts.
    If you have a 5 member testing team, you will need to buy 5 licenses.
    The testers can install their licenses on multiple machines for script development and maintenance.

Sahi Pro CONCURRENT License (recommended for enterprises)
Sahi Pro Concurrent license allows multiple team members to use a pool of licenses. If you have a team of 15 members of which any 10 users may be using Sahi Pro at any time, you can buy 10 Concurrent licenses. As long as the total count of concurrent users is less than or equal to 10, any user in the organization can use that license. The license is not tied to a specific user.
License server is available in the download archives page.
Any number of Sahi Pro Runner instances can be run using the concurrent license (for example, with build farms or Continuous Integration systems). Sahi Pro Runner instances do not contribute to the count of concurrent users.

Do I need to pay separately for the Sahi Pro Runner? Sahi_Pro_Runner
Sahi Pro Runner uses the same license as Sahi Pro.
If you own a Sahi Pro license, you can download and use Sahi Pro Runner with the same license on multiple machines. Both Sahi Pro and Sahi Pro Runner need to be on the same version.

What happens after the license expires?
The License will still be active but the support and upgrades will not be available.
Sahi Pro License is subscription based license which needs to be renewed every year to get continuous support and upgrades.

If I want to manage my licenses, do you offer any support?
Yes, we offer complete support. We provide license server to manage concurrent license.

Any other questions in your mind?
Feel free to comment or ask your question(s) and we will get back to you.

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