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Is there a Maven plugin?
  • I'd like to run a suite of Sahi tests as part of a continuous build process. Like much of the industry, we use Maven. Is there a Maven plugin for Sahi? Similar to the Selenium plugin (http :// mojo.codehaus.org/selenium-maven-plugin/index.html), it would need to be able to stop and start the Sahi proxy and run a given suite of tests in a given browser against a server at a given URL.

    FYI, there's no mention of Maven anywhere in this forum, and googling for "maven sahi plugin" doesn't turn up any interesting results.

    If there's no existing plugin I can use, I guess I either have to write my own or use Maven to invoke the Ant task.
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  • Aswan,

    Sahi does not have a maven plugin right now. Please use it via the ant tasks. If you write your own, do share :)

    Thanks and regards,

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