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Slow script error
  • IE8 is throwing a slow script error when we try and run the following command (in tests/playback or "evaluate expression"):

    _popup("Editor")._click(_image("Menu, _near(_span("Activity))));

    It works in firefox though.
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  • Hi CReade,

    Could you please try this:

    Open sahi/htdocs/spr/concat.js
    Search for
                for (var i=1; i<7; i++){
                    parents[parents.length] = this.getParentNode(relations.element, "ANY", i);

    Replace it with
                for (var i=1; i<5; i++){
                    parents[parents.length] = this.getParentNode(relations.element, "ANY", i);
    (We are reducing the number of parent elements to look up)

    Restart Sahi, clear browser cache and check again.

  • Thanks for getting back to us (in both ways). Switching it to loop 4 times fixed one use of _near but most of them still error out. For now we're using a registry hack (Microsoft kb 175500) to stop the errors from appearing. We may switch to xpath + Javascript-XPath.
  • Hi Creade,

    It looks like there is some element nearby which is rather heavily nested. If we could do a desktop share session to see how your UI is, we may be able to fix this.


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