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Unable to record action on popup window...
  • Hi,

    I am unable to record action on popup window. how to handle popup in SAHI.
    Exp. On screen there is a First name and Last name text box, If i enter only first name and click on Add button, system gives error message "Please enter Full Last Name" with "OK" button on pop up window.
    I tried to mouse hover on the window but sahi doesnt recognize this.

    I have used _lastAlert to get the message but how to click on "OK" button while playback.

    Please help.

    Thanks in Advance..
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  • Hi mohit198,

    Javascript alerts are handled well by Sahi.

    When a button is clicked and a alert box appears, Sahi silently acts as if "OK" was clicked on that dialog, without showing that dialog.

    Sahi does not display alerts during playback.

    Please go through the following link,


    This might help you.

  • Thanks Theeran
    Its working finr now

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