Sahi V3 2010-06-10 released

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Sahi V3 (2010-06-10) is now available for download.

There have been significant improvements and bug fixes in this release.

  • API _under ( /w/browser-accessor-apis ) has been added to locate elements physically under another.
  • API _byXPath has been added to help users from Selenium and other tools move to Sahi.
  • API _row and _option have been modified to be in sync with other APIs. Existing scripts may need to be modified if you use these APIs.

Below is the changelog:

10 Jun 2010

* Bugfixes
Fixed data truncation bug introduced in 30 Apr build
Fixed getText bug which returned ab on FF and a b on IE for a
Fixed for   in select option text
Fixed window.opener behaviour for link clicks
Fixed parsing error for $a == $b

* Features added
Added Shiretoko as variant of Firefox
_byXPath added.
For browsers without XPath support,
download the javascript file from
and save the contents in sahi/htdocs/spr /javascript-xpath.js
_under added as a positional relation
Lets identify elements under another element eg. _cell(0, _under(_tableHeader("Status")))
5xx errors are displayed on screen too.
Time taken by each test is displayed in logs.
XHR redirects are excluded from injection
Added Driver.setControllerMode. Takes sahi, java, ruby
_option brought in sync with other APIs.
NOTE: older _option(selElement, value) will not work any more
Replace with _option(value, _in(selElement))
_row brought in sync with other APIs.
NOTE: older _row(tablElement, rowNumber) will not work any more
Replace with _row(rowNumber, _in(tablElement))
September Update
Sahi API _under added


  • VENU says:

    Thanks for addressing the issue related to accessing web elements through XPath in this release {Sahi V3 2010-06-10}. This helps to switch over to Sahi, the existing Selenium Scripts, where XPath's are used heavily

  • Hi Venu,

    Happy to help. And thanks for requesting the feature at the right time, so that we could push it in this release!

    I am sure others would benefit from this too.


  • Krishna says:

    Hi All,
    I have been using SAHI since two weeks and its a wonderful tool. I just wanted a clarification regarding encrypting the password.

    I mean to say is when testing an application with a login screen and consider that it is a windows login, the password text is also visible and is there any way that we can encrypt the password?

  • Hi Krishna,

    That is an interesting question but it will need a conversation. I would suggest you post it on the Sahi forums (/forums).


  • Shaneyl says:

    Kotso, pou sai re kotso. Katevaino ellada tin kaiirki. The eimai salonica mehri tetarti 28, meta pao grevena. An eisai salonica steile mou til sto mail na se paro. Kai gia na min ksehniomaste polidora gamo tin panagia sou

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