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Published on 21st January 2021 blog, Test automation

Our software projects are complex, and in turn, so is our test automation. We create and execute several tests and test suites in parallel, that comes with problems of its own.

During Test Automation execution, it is possible that your system gets overloaded due to too many parallel scripts or browser threads launched at the same time. This may lead to higher CPU Usage and the system may hang or crash.

This is a problem many test teams struggle with, thus having to constantly monitor test runs and manually re-execute tests that fail or hang the system.

The solution using Sahi Pro v9.0

Sahi Pro v9.0 has introduced the new concept of “Automatic Thread Allocation” or “Auto-Threading”

Sahi Pro’s Auto-threading capability smartly refrains your browser from launching if the CPU usage is more than a threshold configurable value.

It allows to launch a browser only if enough CPU is available. It checks the CPU usage of the machine before launching each browser instance and allows it to launch only if enough CPU is available. This brings stability for your script execution.

Here are the 2 properties related to Auto-threading in Sahi Pro:


Enabling it provides you the auto thread experience


Where you can Specify the threshold CPU usage below which browser can be launched. The Default value here is 90


If Auto-threading is enabled, the maximum number of browsers opened will be equal to the count specified as “Thread” number during the Suite Playback in the Playback dialog.

Auto-threading is a smart playback option that helps bring stability and reliability to your test automation execution and provides you more control over your test execution.

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