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Why do you need a Data Driven Framework?

As you progress in your test automation, your scripts will quickly get more complex and your test data sets get larger. You will now need to handle your test data separately to make your scripts independent of it. Let us consider the example of the test scenario for...

Business Driven Test Automation

Testers all over the world face similar struggles with test automation - How do I easily get started with test automation! There are too many new skills and tools to learn! I do not know how to code – can I begin automating my tests? Why does my test automation always...

Pitfalls to Avoid in your Agile Testing Strategy

Enterprises globally have or are on their way to aggressively adopt Agile Development methodology over traditional methods to win in the digital era. Agile Testing strategy is what defines the success of an overall Agile Transformation program at an enterprise level....

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