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Sahi Pro Starter – Free Edition

We are happy to announce the release of Sahi Pro Starter, a limited functionality, free version of Sahi Pro. It allows record and playback, editable scripts, automatic waits, stable accessors and inbuilt reporting. The codebases of Sahi OS and Sahi Pro had been...

Sahi Pro V7.0.0 Released!

Download Sahi Pro v7.0.0 This is a major release. Sahi Pro v7.0.0 is major rewrite of Sahi Pro. It was required to allow support for technologies other than web. Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on has been introduced which supports Windows and Java technologies. Please have a...

Sahi Pro Chrome 58+ SSL certificate fix

NOTE: Post modified on 5 May 2017 with updated patch. Chrome 58 has introduced a check for Subject Alternative Name in SSL certificates. Sahi Pro's certificate creation mechanism did not support this, causing https sites to fail on Chrome 58 (and higher). The error...

SahiPro Troubleshooting Series: SSL Issues

We take pride in helping our customers solve their automation issues. We are planning to come up with a list of commonly faced issues and how we solved it. This might help multiple customers when they face similar issues. Over a period of time, this would turn into a...

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