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Edit & Maintain your Automation Scripts in Sahi Pro

Maintenance of test scripts can be the hardest part of test automation! Have you ever struggled with – Flaky automation scripts that fail too often for no reason Unable to start or continue test automation because your elements keep changing with redesign. Often...

What’s new in Sahi Pro 9.0.2

As Chrome and Firefox have released the new version, we had to adapt the changes made by those browsers in order to playback the scripts smoothly. Sahi Pro 9.0.2 solves all the issues which were caused by the latest browser updates. However, it may break the previous...

Why do you need a Data Driven Framework?

As you progress in your test automation, your scripts will quickly get more complex and your test data sets get larger. You will now need to handle your test data separately to make your scripts independent of it. Let us consider the example of the test scenario for...

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