Tyto is a small but growing organization with a team of talented, focused and hard working individuals coming together as a coherent power packed team.

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    We work in a fast-paced environment with a lot of talented and creative people. We are a small team of technologists who build a world class software product (Sahi Pro) used by hundreds of IT organizations. We solve difficult problems in simple ways using the latest (and sometimes older) technologies.

Current Job Openings

Software Developer

We are looking for good programmers to join our core development team.
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Experience level:
1-3 years of programming experience with good exposure to software development life cycle.

As a Developer you will:
  1. Understand the complexities of various UI technologies on web, Windows, Java, Android, iOS etc.
  2. Explore, experiment and build ways to automate manipulation of such user interfaces.
  3. Program in multiple languages to achieve automation
  4. Help the support team in resolving critical customer issues
  5. Work in a open, non-hierarchical, relaxed yet focused environment
  6. Be exposed to various new frameworks and technologies in web, mobile and desktop
Ideally, you should have:
  1. Excellent analytical skills
  2. Proficiency in Java and Javascript.
  3. Experience in writing good object oriented code along with unit tests.
  4. Exposure to other languages and technologies like C#, Ruby, Android, iOS, AWS cloud, VMWare etc. is a plus.
  5. Experience with Eclipse, Git, Jenkins, build systems, deployment on VMs/Cloud.
  6. Knowledge of web applications and client server architectures.
  7. Good English communication skills
  8. Strong determination, “Can Do” attitude, strong sense of ownership, and a passion for work
  9. 1-3 years of programming experience with good exposure to software development life cycle.
What happens in our interviews:
  1. You will need to pass an aptitude test
  2. Answer programming questions in Java (or any other language)
  3. Solve programming problems (write code)
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