License Server

abstract Organizations using Sahi Pro Concurrent licenses can now manage licenses using a Sahi Pro License Server. Since Sahi Pro 6.2.1
dangerSince Sahi Pro 8.0.0 this feature has been deprecated. Please refer Sahi License Hub instead.

Download and setup License Server

  1. Download Sahi Pro License Server from Sahi's download archives
  2. To setup Sahi Pro License Server follow the below steps,

Sahi Pro License Server As A Service

Since version 1.0
Sahi Pro License Server can be started as service. Only for Windows operating system it can be started as service. To start it as a service: To stop this service:

Access Sahi Pro License Server Web Interface

Sahi Pro License Server can be accessed by navigating to http://localhost:8888/ on the same machine or by navigating to http://your_license_server_hostname:8888/ from other machines.

One has to enter the valid password when accessing the web interface from other machine. User can logout from the session by clicking the logout button on home page of Sahi Pro License Server.

Manage Licenses

Sahi Pro Licenses can be added and managed.

Sahi Pro

Sahi Pro Licenses
Sahi Pro sessions
Sahi Pro Runner (Playback only) sessions

Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on

Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on Licenses
Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on sessions
Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on Runner (Playback only) sessions

View License Usage Reports

This shows the Sahi Pro License Usage Reports in graphical and tabular format. Sahi Pro Usage List and Sahi Pro License Denied List can be downloaded as CSV format.

Graphical Representation

Show Data

Manage Access List

Access Control Lists help restrict access based on username, IP address or Mac address of the machine requesting license. Remove: Click to remove the access for that particular Sahi Pro user.

Change Password

  • When accessed from other machines, the Sahi Pro License Server will ask for a password. The default password is: password.
  • After installation do change the password to prevent abuse.
  • NOTE: In this release forgot password feature is not available when accessed from other machines.
  • Properties

    To modify License Server properties, open spls/userdata/config/ file.
    #Time in ms. Default is 10 mins (600000 ms)
    #license lease time in ms. Should be more than "sahi.poll_time" . Default is 1 hour (3600000 ms)
    #Allowed time difference between client and server in ms. Default is 10 mins (600000 ms)

    Configure Sahi Pro/Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on to procure License

    If no license is present, you can manually upload the file for Sahi Pro and for Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on using the following GUI which will show up when starting Sahi.

    The checkboxes adjacent to Sahi Pro Capabilities Enabled shows the enabled sahi capabilities. Uncheck the checkbox to disable any of the sahi capability. Once the sahi capability is disabled, there is no need to add license for the same.

    info Now there is no need to add Sahi Pro license for the automation of Desktop applications only. Just add Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on license One needs to add licenses based on Sahi capabilities enabled.
    You can make Sahi Pro/Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on procure license from Sahi Pro License Server by following either of the below two methods:
    1. If no license is provided to Sahi Pro/Sahi Pro Desktop Add-on or the license provided is invalid/expired, the following GUI will show up when starting Sahi.
      • Select the option "Acquire license lease from license server".
      • Write in the License Server Host and Port number in the textboxes.
      • Test the Host and Port number by pressing the "Test License Server Connection" button.
      • Once configured, you can save these settings by pressing the "OK" button.
    2. Open sahi_pro/userdata/config/ file and set the following properties,
      #Set this property to true to procure license from License Server
      #The hostname or ip address of the machine on which license server is running.
      #The port number on which license server is running. Default port number is 8888.
    NOTE: If the Sahi Pro License Server is down or not accessible, Sahi Pro will run for 30 minutes with prompts like this appearing every 10 minutes.

    Database Support for Sahi Pro License Server

    Upgrade Sahi Pro License Server

    To upgrade Sahi Pro License Server, please do the following, NOTE: The latest Sahi Pro License Server will work only with Sahi Pro 6.2.1 and above