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Sahi Pro Frequently asked Questions

  • Why Automate?

    Organizations which create or maintain software need to test a lot of functional flows before releasing a new version of the software. Typically a manual tester would test the features before release and this can take up to a month of effort, and is prone to human error. When fixes are rolled out for bugs in this period, those functionalities need to be re-tested and verified, adding to the testers work load. Automating known work flows can easily bring down the testing from 1 month to a matter of days.

    Testing repeated steps is also a drudgery which can be alleviated by automation, allowing testers to focus more on creative exploratory testing.

    In the web domain, there are a profusion of browsers (Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.) which the end user may use to access the application. Browsers can differ from one another in the way they behave, causing an application to work on one browser but not on another. Application developers need to test the application across browsers, thus multiplying the testing effort. Automation allows testing applications across browsers and report failures.

  • Why Sahi Pro?

    Sahi Pro makes automation easy for testing teams.

    Sahi Pro is powerful and can automate applications built on various technologies. It has built-in frameworks which help organize and manage scripts easily. It has fast reliable playback which ensures quick automation execution. It automatically collects and reports failures with rich historical reports. The features of Sahi Pro allow testers to focus on their application's quality. It allows testers to easily scale across technologies too without learning technology specific solutions.

    Sahi Pro allows the tester to have a sharp focus on their application's functionality and quality. Sahi Pro brings down the complexity of automation tasks and makes automation simple and approachable by most existing testing teams.

  • What technologies does Sahi Pro automate?

    Sahi Pro can automate applications spanning Web, Web Services, Windows Desktop, Java Applications, Mobile (Android and iOS) Native, Hybrid and Web applications. Look at the Features section for more details.

  • Isn't automation necessarily a technical, programming task?

    Not really. All you do in automation is perform user actions on a User Interface, as part of a flow: "Click on login button", "Set the value of username to abc" etc. The actual interactions are trivial for good automation tools. The real crux is in organizing the script for re-usability and for verification across multiple sets of data. At this point, having access to frameworks and programming interfaces is useful. Sahi Pro comes with its own frameworks and tools, but also allows fine grained programmatic access, in case one needs to do something extra.

  • What about frameworks and environments for execution? Intelligent reporting?

    Sahi Pro has inbuilt frameworks which allows parallel playback on single machine (for some technologies) and distributed playback across machines. Logs of each step are automatically generated and collated as rich reports. There is also historical reports for finding out trends.

  • Does the tester need to know programming? Is Sahi Pro a script less automation tool? Can a manual tester use Sahi Pro?

    Programming knowledge will be useful to the tester, but it is not a prerequisite for using Sahi Pro. Manual testers can easily learn to use Sahi Pro in a couple of days. Sahi Pro is NOT script less. Sahi Pro records/generates scripts in Javascript or Java syntax. These can be tweaked if needed, or fully hand coded if needed (rarely). Sahi Pro's framework and Editor widgets allow easy organization and maintenance of scripts.

  • Should we use the Recorder, or should we hand code our scripts?

    The end goal of any business is to do a task as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. If a recorder can do the job (which it can), use the recorder. Using the Recorder to identify elements, record actions and experiment with Sahi code can save tremendous amount of time.

  • We are part of an Agile team, can we use Sahi Pro?

    Sahi Pro is built for enhancing productivity. You could be in any style of team and still benefit from Sahi Pro. Sahi has had Continuous Integration support since 2005, and we plug in into your Devops cycle easily.

  • Should I use Sahi Pro or Selenium?

    Selenium is a web UI interaction library. You need to build everything around it (or pick from other tools) and maintain it. It is not a testing tool. If you are an Automation Tool company or you are a hobbyist, use Selenium. If you value productivity and are a tester who focuses on quality, choose tools like Sahi Pro. Sahi Pro works with lots of technologies (Web, Desktop, Mobile, Webservices etc.) and helps you focus on your applications' quality.

  • Is Sahi Pro built on Selenium?

    No, Sahi uses its own mechanism to automate applications.

  • What programming languages are Sahi Scripts written in?

    The default language is Javascript. One can also use Java. Sahi Pro's Recorder/Framework etc. work for both Javascript and Java.

  • Where can I learn about Sahi Pro?

    Start with the video tutorials.
    Then look at the Using Sahi section in documentation
    You can also email for demo of specific features or for any queries.

  • How should I go about adopting Sahi Pro for our team?

    Email our sales or support team and get an assisted Proof of Concept done on your application of interest. Try it on multiple applications to ensure product fit. This will help your team also get familiar with the product. Once niggles are ironed out and things work smoothly, purchase Sahi Pro. Post purchase, you could undertake our basic or advanced training for all team members. Continue conversations with the Sahi team to ensure best usage of Sahi Pro.

  • How can I make best use of Sahi Pro?

    1) First, learn the features and capabilities of Sahi Pro. Most features needed for test automation are already available in Sahi Pro. If something needs to be tweaked, our support team helps via patches etc. as needed.
    2) If you are stuck, email our support team. They will set up an online meeting to understand and solve your problem.
    3) Ask for training if self-learning is not enough. We have basic and advanced training programs.
    4) Our professional services can help with proof of concepts, initial hand holding and implementation, hands on training for your teams and periodic consulting to ensure efficient usage of Sahi Pro. We can also implement your test automation projects.

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