Sahi Pro Features

Sahi Pro has everything you wanted from a test automation tool + more!

Smooth & Seamless TestingTest Any Technology with Sahi Pro

  • Web Browsers

    Test any browser on any operating system with Sahi Pro.

    Chrome Opera Mozilla Safari Internet Explorer

    Desktop Apps

    Test any Windows desktop applications (Java, WPF, Win32, WinForms, .NET, SilverLight, XBAP, UWP).

    Android Java .Net Silver Light

    Mobile Apps

    Test any iOS and Android, Native and Hybrid Applications.

    Android Apple
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Automation Testing SimplifiedAwesome Features of Sahi Pro

  • Simple and Powerful APIs
  • Simple and Powerful APIs

    Easily identify elements, perform mouse and keyboard actions, work from databases and files, interact with web, desktop, mobile, webservices and more.

  • Automatic Waits

    Sahi Pro’s technology eliminates the need to wait for statements, even for inconsistent page loads. Sahi Pro’s tests are stable and do not fail because of timing issues.

  • Parallel batch playback
  • Inbuilt Excel framework
  • Object Spy and Recorder

    Sahi Pro identifies elements across technologies in simple yet stable ways. Sahi Pro works even on applications with dynamic IDs. Recorder and Object Spy take the guesswork out of scripting.

  • Business Friendly Frameworks

    Use the inbuilt Excel framework to let your business analysts and non-technical professionals contribute towards testing. Get detailed reports.

  • No Ajax timeout
  • Inbuilt Reports
  • Automatic Logging and Reporting

    See complete information of script execution. From concise summaries and graphs to exact line of script failure in code, experience true end to end reporting. All logs are stored in database.

  • Parallel and Distributed Playback

    You can club together thousands of Sahi Pro scripts in a suite file and let Sahi Pro execute them in parallel on one machine or distribute it across machines.

  • Smart Accessor Identification
  • Inbuilt Reports
  • Continuous Integration

    Trigger via Jenkins, Bamboo or any CI tool or trigger via ANT or commandline. Sahi Pro comes with detailed reporting and automatic retries.


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