Sahi Pro vs. Selenium

Sahi Pro saves you time by reducing your dependency on developers and removing the need for integrating other tools.

Features Sahi Pro Selenium QTP
  • Works on all browsers Yes Some Some
  • Works on desktop applications Yes*With desktop add-on No No
  • Excellent recorder which works across browsers Yes No No
  • Smart resilient accessors Yes No No
  • Automatic waiting for AJAX and Pageloads Yes No No
  • Same script works on all browsers Yes Partial Partial
  • Playback speed Fast Fast Slow
  • Script breaks if browser not in focus No Partial Yes
  • Good recorder and Object Spy for easy identification of elements Yes No Limited
  • Brittle accessors: Too dependent on HTML implementation(use of Xpaths, Css selectors etc.) No Yes
  • Needs separate libraries for each browser (High Maintenance) No Yes No
  • Needs updates on each new browser version (High Maintenance) Rarely Yes Yes
  • Inbuilt detailed logging and reporting Yes No Yes
  • Needs conditional scripting for different browsers(High Maintenance) No Yes Yes
  • Programming knowledge required(High Maintenance) Basic Advanced Basic
  • Inbuilt frameworks Yes No Yes
  • Testing team revamp required (High Cost) No Yes No
  • Support available Yes No Yes

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