Sahi Pro Professional Services

We can help you in every stage of automation.

Bundled Support with Sahi Pro Licenses

We understand that Test Automation is not just about the tool. To succeed in automation, you need to understand the tool, best practices, know how to setup environments and execute with Continuous Integration.

  • Knowledge Support

    Knowledge Support

    Help you with demos, provide technical and knowledge support while you convince yourself that the tool is a good fit for you.

  • Proof of Concept

    Proof of Concept

    We help you with Proof of Concepts from scratch or partially, with our team's expertise.

  • Knowledge Support

    Technical Support

    Post purchase, we help you with technical questions and issues as part of our support.

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Commercial Professional Services

  • Training

    We provide trainings to help your team quickly get productive with Sahi Pro. We have a 2 day basic course and a 2 day advanced course.

  • Training
  • Training
  • Kick Start

    We can help kickstart your automation, work alongside your team and teach them how to achieve automation while simultaneously delivering automation scripts. We will also set up continuous integration, execution environments etc. and suggest best practices. We leave once your team is comfortable with the tool.

  • Implementation

    We can entirely take up your test automation tasks and automate them off shore. We will:

    • Understand your business test scenarios and convert them into automation scripts
    • Fine tune and make them stable
    • Set up required infrastructure and environments for playback
    • Execute your test suites periodically and with your builds
    • Send detailed reports of execution and errors found
    • Communicate closely with you and deliver useful automation
  • Training
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If you have any questions, please reach out to our support team and we would be more than happy to assist you.

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