Getting Started with Sahi Pro

Sahi has everything you wanted from a web automation testing tool + more!

  • Download and Install

    Clock 02.19

    Get started with Sahi Pro. Learn how to download, obtain a trial license and install Sahi Pro.

  • Record and Playback

    Clock 05.07

    Get a feel of Sahi Pro automation by recording and playing back a simple script.

  • Failures and Reports

    Clock 01.56

    See what happens when a script fails and how failure details and screenshots are automatically logged in Sahi's reports.

  • Library Functions

    Clock 04.11

    Learn how to build business abstractions via library functions. See how reports automatically reflect such abstractions.

  • Scenario Files

    Clock 03.24

    Use the Excel like user interface to create test case scenarios. Business users and testers can easily author testcases.

  • Data Driven Suites

    Clock 01.23

    Club together and run multiple scripts/scenarios in a batch. See how scripts are played in parallel and detailed reports are generated.


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