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All New Sahi Pro 9.0.0 Release Reimagine Test Automation with BDTA Framework

With Sahi Pro 9.0.0, businesses can leverage their team's skills better to become truly Agile via Continuous Testing.

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Efficient Streamlined Testing Smart & Robust Automation Testing Tool For All Technologies

Automate Web, WebServices, Desktop and Mobile Applications with one tool.

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Our Unique OfferingsThe Sahi Propositions

Sahi Pro is an Enterprise Grade Test Automation Tool that is simple to use and easy to learn. For over a decade now Sahi Pro has helped over 400 Enterprise clients solve everyday problems faced by their QA teams. Sahi Pro is a unique Test Automation tool that is tester-centric while being business-driven in its design and functionality. The result? A Test Automation tool that understands your business and reduces your time to market by over 50%.

  • High ROI, Zero Waste automation

    Super Fast and Easy Automation for Businesses

    Your testers are experts in your business domain. Sahi Pro lets them accomplish automation with minimal technical knowledge and effort. Spend your time doing business testing, not writing and maintaining code.

  • Object Orientation
  • Sahi Pro
  • Test any Technology

    One Automation Tool for All Technologies

    Code less, do more. Cross browser web apps, Desktop applications, Java applets, Web services, Mobile applications - Just one tool, one way to automate everything.

  • Business Support

    Your Automation Partner for Excellent Support and Services

    Technical issues, POCs, Kickstart, Trainings, Implementation, we will help you at each stage of your automation. You focus on your business delivery. We take care of test automation.

  • Platform Independent

Awesome Features of Sahi ProSee all features

  • Simple and Powerful APIs

    Simple and Powerful APIs

    Easily identify elements, perform mouse and keyboard actions, work from databases and files, interact with web, desktop, mobile, webservices and more.

  • Automatic Waits

    Automatic Waits

    Sahi Pro’s technology eliminates the need to wait for statements, even for inconsistent page loads. Sahi Pro’s tests are stable and do not fail because of timing issues.

  • Object Spy and Recorder

    Object Spy and Recorder

    Sahi Pro identifies elements across technologies in simple yet stable ways. Sahi Pro works even on applications with dynamic IDs. Recorder and Object Spy take the guesswork out of scripting.

  • Business Friendly Frameworks

    Business Friendly Frameworks

    Use the inbuilt Excel framework to let your business analysts and non-technical professionals contribute towards testing. Get detailed reports.

  • Automatic Logging and Reporting

    Automatic Logging and Reporting

    See complete information of script execution. From concise summaries and graphs to exact line of script failure in code, experience true end to end reporting. All logs are stored in database.

  • Parallel and Distributed Playback

    Parallel and Distributed Playback

    You can club together thousands of Sahi scripts in a suite file and let Sahi Pro execute them in parallel on one machine or distribute it across machines.

  • Continuous Integration

    Continuous Integration

    Trigger via Jenkins, Bamboo or any CI tool or trigger via ANT or commandline. Sahi Pro comes with detailed reporting and automatic retries.

  • Built for Agile Teams

    Easy test creation and maintenance for BAs and QAs, rapid stable playback with Continuous Integration for quick feedback, detailed error reporting for managers, testers and devs, and minimal programming to free your devs. Agile quality assurance, delivered.

  • Parallel batch playback

Trusted by leading Automation engineers

Sahi Pro has more than 400 happy customers, lets hear from some of them.

  • Quotation

    Sahi Pro provides a one stop solution

    Sahi Pro provides a one stop solution to most of our test automation requirements. Its innovative feature of smart combination of record-playback along key-word generation for key-word driven tests and data-driven tests and suite executions makes it a unique test automation tool to meet the demand for rapid automation.


    Dr. Kailash K P Chanduka

    PhD, Aris Global Software Pvt. Ltd.
  • Quotation

    We have been able to meet our automation goals

    We have been able to meet our automation goals after starting to use Sahi quickly and without the need to hire resources with specialized skills. Sahi team has always been open about including specific challenges that we encountered into their roadmap.


    Anil Bhat

    Associate Vice President, R&D MetricStream Inc.
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    Sahi Pro does not require advanced software programming skills

    Sahi Pro Automation tool has been built with the QA fraternity in mind and does not require advanced software programming skills. It is easy to use across multiple browsers and the support from the Sahi team is always prompt.


    Basheer Shaik

    Head of Quality Assurance, ITG
  • Quotation

    Sahi Pro gets better day by day with new and robust features

    We are very old users of Sahi Pro and we are very happy to share that we have seen this tool get better day by day with new and robust features. The dedication of the support team and the amazing features of the tool definitely make it stand out in the crowd of several other competitive automation tools.


    Ms. Linda Markhar

    Test Engineer, ChartWise Medical Systems
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