Restrict Files Access

abstract This section describes various ways of restricting access to different files.
Since Sahi Pro v6.3.1


Sahi Pro now allow users to access only those files, which are located on a specific path. For this, you need to configure located at <sahi_root>/userdata/config.

file.accessible.dir=*;   //'*' access to all files.
file.accessible.dir=userdata/scripts;   //access is allowed only to the files inside scripts folder and its sub-directory.

For multiple paths:
file.accessible.dir=userdata/scripts; D:/example;
//access is allowed only to the files inside scripts as well as example folder from "D" drive and its sub-directory.

After configuring users are allowed to access files from configured path only. If users try to access any files outside from configured path then it will show "File Access is not allowed for <file-path>" in logs and script will fail.