Five Questions Series: Sahi Excel Framework

Published on 24th July 2016 Support, Tutorial

In the third post on the Five Questions Series, we have Sahi Excel Framework today.
Previous posts in this series: Sahi Controller and Sahi Logs.

What is Sahi Excel Framework
The Sahi Excel Framework allows testers to write their test cases in Excel and run it from Sahi. Often a testing team consists of a mix of subject matter experts, some manual testers and testers with some automation experience. Writing tests in the language of the business allows all stake holders to participate and derive value out of the automation process.

Briefly, explain the syntax of Sahi Excel Framework.


Sahi Excel Framework

The first line of the sheet is the column header. All the blank lines are ignored.
loadSahi loads the Sahi script which has the functions defined in it.
Once you save the file, all the fields under the column Key Word become drop downs and you can choose your functions from the drop down.
[Documentation] row is ignored. You can use the Documentation row to highlight your test case summary.
Arguments are the parameters you pass to the functions.
// comments the step and does not execute the step.

As a domain/subject matter expert, how do I get started?
It is straightforward. Launch Script Editor and click on New > Scenario to launch a new file. Save it and start typing the function name in any of the rows under the Key Word column. You can then select the matching functions from the drop down. Once the functions are selected, enter the arguments for each function.

Now, include the functions library by pressing CTRL and clicking on any function. A Function Details popup will appear displaying the function details. You can view the function library or include it in the Excel file.

Function Details

Function Details

Modify the description for the test case, save the file and play it back.

What precautions will I have to take while creating the functions?
The functions you create will be used by the domain experts. So, make sure that the function names are easy to understand and descriptive at the same time. For example, verifyTotal is better compared to fn1550

How are the logs displayed?
When we run the Scenarios file, the logs clearly show the status of each test case followed by the time taken to run the test case. An overall status is also displayed along with total steps, time and browser details.

Scenarios Logs

Scenarios Logs

Any other questions in your mind?
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