Five reasons why Sahi Pro is not for you

Published on 2nd May 2016 Test automation

Sahi Pro is NOT the Sahi Choice, Baby !!!

Everywhere you see, people sell you something or the other. Someone asks you to buy food from their app, someone asks you to book flight tickets while someone else is ready to help you find the right job for you. We are surrounded by products and services. Consider the field of web automation and there are at least ten products you can name right now. Are they worth the hype? That’s a different story for another day. Today, I want to highlight why Sahi Pro is not the right choice for you.  Yes, you read it right! Why Sahi Pro is not the right choice for you!!! I will give you five reasons and you can let me know which one is true in your case.

Reason 1: Already Budgeted and Approved.

You planned for the automation in your testing strategy. You finally got the plan approved by your manager. The budget for the automation team was approved. Your whole plan is ready and you love playing with XPaths.  After so many days, if you go for Sahi Pro now, all your plans will go haywire. You don’t want to risk that danger. You don’t have the courage to accept the change in plan to your manager. If this is the case, I promise you Sahi Pro is not the right choice for you. As Sahi Pro doesn’t rely on XPaths, it will expose your poor planning. So, don’t go with Sahi Pro and continue playing with XPaths and the game of thrones identifying elements.

Reason 2: Automation Engineers will lose their jobs.

You are proud of your strong team of automation engineers. You did not make the mistake of hiring a tester and turning them into bad programmers. You hired quality automation engineers and that masterstroke is still praised by many. Any requirement for automation and your engineers love it. They jump on it and finish it to everyone’s satisfaction. Everyone knows that you don’t really need specific automation experience to get started with Sahi Pro. The moment you get your hands on Sahi Pro, you will have to bid goodbye to your team members. You will be asked questions like “Why did we not use Sahi Pro till now?”, “If we don’t need automation engineers from today, why did we have them till yesterday”. Many more such tough questions would be fired to you and you will have to deal with them. The easiest way to avoid such questions is to continue the existing plan, team and forget about Sahi Pro.

Reason 3: Testers favorite and no more regression testing.

Many test leads are afraid of regression bugs (bugs found during regression testing). They delay the new feature development and focus on regression testing for many days/weeks to avoid such bugs. As of today, you ask your testers to focus on ensuring that nothing breaks due to new code/fixes. The day you get Sahi Pro, testers will love it and focus on Sahi Pro to automate the regression scenarios. Their focus will now shift to finding new bugs and take up the investigative role rather than confirming that old things continue to work.

Isn’t that a big risk you will take? More bugs would mean delayed releases and what will happen to your reputation then? Who will protect it? Better ignore Sahi Pro and let the new bugs lay hidden in the code.

Reason 4: You are too organised to like Sahi Pro.

Like every other company, you proudly advertise that your product works on almost any web browser. As you are too organised in your professional life, you love to maintain scripts for each browser separately in a separate folder. You don’t believe in the concept of one script that runs on multiple browsers. It looks like a big joke to you. Alas, Sahi Pro has the feature of One Script – Run on Multiple Browsers and hence, it fails to impress you.

Accept our sincere apologies and continue to write individual scripts to suit each browser. The last time we contacted Sahi Pro, they were not ready to remove that feature.

Reason 5: You refuse to acknowledge ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy’.

You spent money hiring a team, building an automation framework, buying an expensive tool and trying to change everything under your control to make the automation a huge success. A small change in the application is making your team put in extra hours. Everyone is able to see that it is more costly to maintain the automation scripts compared to the value by running them. Yet, you have taken it to your heart and refuse to acknowledge the ‘Sunk Cost Fallacy’.

Like many of us, you repeat this to yourself multiple times:
“We have invested so much money in it. If we stop now it will all have been for nothing.”
You are right. There is nothing called Sunk Cost. You carry on with the existing tool till you leave the job. Sahi Pro will ensure that you get out of the fallacy, which is dangerous.

Many folks have one or the other reasons not to use Sahi Pro. What about you? 

Sahi Pro helps

  • identify elements easily
  • by making life of automation engineers and testers better
  • testers to find new bugs
  • by making a single script run on multiple browsers
  • you get out of the trap and actually save money and time.

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