Sahi V2 Nightly Unstable Build 2009-04-23 Released

Published on 23rd April 2009 Release update, Updates

Sahi V2 Nightly Unstable Build 2009-04-23 has been released. (Download)

This build has a few significant improvements. It now uses Rhino 1.6R2 as its Javascript engine.

NOTE that this and further builds need Java 1.5 or greater.

* API _near, similar to _in has been added. Any element can be found relative to another by using _near.

_checkbox(0, _near(_span("user name 1")))
_link("delete", _near(_span("user name 1")));

* All Sahi accessor API calls can be set to variables now.

_click(_link("click me"));

can be written now as

$ln = _link("click me");

* Check for visibility of elements is now controlled via element.visibility_check.strict property in It is set to false by default.